Folder/Category Widgets in Home Screen

As a customer, I’d like the ability to create configure a Widget in the Home Screen that allows me to specify the next options

  1. Period - It should be consistent with the current options of Current Month, Year, Custom period of time.

  2. Filter by Operation Type - Optional - Expense, Income, Transfer, All

  3. Filter by Folder(s)/Category(s) - Optional

  4. Filter by tags - Optional

  5. Specify a name for the Widget - For example, Upcoming Bills, Unplanned Expenses, etc.

  6. Widget Size - I’d like to get a small, medium and big version of the widget so depending on how many items I want to be able to see, I choose the right size for me.

This would allow me to create widgets for virtually anything I could possible need where the flexibility of my setup will determine my own options. For example, if I want an Upcoming Bills widget, I just apply the right filters for that

  • Period: Current Month

  • Operation Type: Expense

  • Filter by Folder(s)/Category(s): ALL

  • Filter by Tag: None

  • Name: Upcoming Bills

I choose whatever size I want for the widget when adding it to the Home Screen.

The data I would like to see in the Widget of every record is:

  1. Folder - I understand that showing both Folder & Category can be challenging but I’d like at least the option. In my case I have some categories with the same name under different folders so having the Folder name shown would help me distinguish them easily.

  2. Category - This is the name of the category itself

  3. Total amount - Probably in red color for expenses and transfers and green for income.

  4. Due date - Personally, I like the June 20, 2024 format but I will take whatever format is easier. If I can choose that in the settings, that is even better.

  5. The icon setup in the Categories section.

Personally, I like to add widgets to glance all sorts of information and right now, I would love to have at the very least a Upcoming or Planned transactions widget available but what I am proposing here is way more flexible than that and should satisfy most users with similar needs I think.

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