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Replace 'Categories' menu section with 'Folders' + Add Transaction Description

I'd like to see a 'Folders' section on the menu bar instead of Categories. Where when clicked, it shows all the categories, and with a dropdown arrow, but when the category is pressed on, it shows all the transaction for the category.(Here's a dookie photoshop prototype I did to better visualize what I mean):Or something of the sort, however you wish to implement it. I'm suggesting this because the Folders feature is nice to have, but seems kind of lackluster if it only separates the categories behind the scenes, but isn't really shown outside of when adding a category to a transaction. Also, the reiteration of the category's name when you're in the category tab already is twice enough (red selections). Instead of the Categories name for the transaction (blue selection), maybe have the transaction's name (user set), instead? and for the green selection, change "Default Account" to "[Account name] Account" and removing the hashtag symbol from the Hashtag's name?Here's another photoshop of what I'm describing:

Hidlsh About 1 month ago