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Being able to remove a category without deleting all transactions

If I want to remove a category that I already used for some transactions, those transactions would currently also be removed.It would be better if we have a choice here:remove all transactions for the category of the category gets removed (but I don‘t know when I would need such a usecase)keep the transactions and just remove the category that is selected inside the transaction. That the transaction at the end is saved without any category selected.Select an alternative category with which the current selected category (that I want to delete) is being replaced with. Migrating the transactions from the category I am about to delete to another existing category.

Dennis Otto 1 day ago

Improve editing of amounts

The existing calculator-like button input method significantly hinders user experience, as it prohibits basic text manipulation and functions such as copy and paste.Users, including myself, often need to transfer financial data from statements directly into the app, and the inability to do so is a substantial inconvenience. Additionally, the current system does not allow for simple corrections of typos—instead of replacing a single incorrect digit, users are forced to delete and re-enter the entire sequence of numbers.For instance, correcting a simple typo in the amount "10265,29" by replacing "0" with "9" requires deleting back to the error and retyping everything afterward, which is time-consuming and error-prone.To resolve these issues, I am requesting the implementation of regular text input editing features, including:The ability to copy and paste amounts into the input field.The ability to select and directly edit any part of the amount already typed.This enhancement is critical for improving efficiency and user satisfaction. Thank you for considering this request, and I look forward to the improved functionality.

Kaloyan 19 days ago

Budgets made "annual" should have an option to don't be "distributed" over months

Currently, if we will make a Budget that is annual, like lets say Books with $1000 yearly. Setting the app to a specific month, will distribute the $1000 evenly on 12 months, showing that we have $83 to spend this month.But I don't think it's right thing, because now if I will spend $100 on books this month, it will show me that I am under the budget - but I am not, cause this is a yearly budget and I can spend $200 one month, to then not spend a penny next month etc. I am not sure how to treat other "non monthly" budgets in this case tho, but I would love being able to disable the evenly distribution of budgets that are longer than a month.

Rafal 27 days ago