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Recurring transactions are bugged that makes them hard to use

In the past I reported some other problems with recurring transactions, but there are still bugs in them. Having a pending recurring transaction, and marking it as paid in advance of its time - will very often not remove the pending transaction that comes in X days, but will leave it, and of course will still create the transaction that comes out of marking it as paid sooner. Right now I faced a problem, that my recurring pending transaction, once added to the paid transactions deducted its amount twice from the account’s total - what’s more is that editing that transaction - I tried fixing things by disabling evaluation - kept deducting this transaction, with NO trace of each occurrence. This basically deducted this single recurring pending transaction 4 times from my account. a follow up bug in here is that I cannot restore a backup to at least get back to the point where this transaction was counted just twice, not 4-5 times. What I get on backup restore is “Failed to remove backup store. A Core Data error occurred”Recurring transactions that are always fixed work fine, cause they don’t need any changes (simple subscriptions), but for the recurring transactions that are non-fixed (electricity bills etc) are really hard to manage due to the bugs with them. I kept ignoring the first one, it was “managable”, but the second one that I now faced is hard to spot and hard to fix (seems like I will have to do a manual account adjustment to fix this 😕 )

Rafal 8 days ago

Additional Statistics: Mean expenses in a Sankey-Chart

I love this app and I used it the entire first half of the year creating lots of categories and keep adding all expenses. In my opinion the most important feature is being able to analyze where my money goes. Therefore, I need something like an evaluation on the mean expenses in each category calculated using all (or better configurable) months. For this statistic, sankey diagrams are often used for visualization (e.g. Finanzfluss Copilot).https://www.finanzfluss.de/rechner/flussdiagramm/Here the category folders would also be illustrated nicely (which are mostly ignored in current statistics).I'd be so happy if this would be considered in the future development cycles!

kev1n104 11 days ago

A few suggestions

Hello Developer, First of all, I downloaded the app you created today and I really like it. I am a heavy user of budgeting software myself, so I know how difficult it is to find an app that I truly like.I would like to suggest a few small feature requests:In the recurring transactions section, it would be great if we could select the number of times a transaction should end (currently it only allows selecting the end date).When transferring between different currencies, it would be helpful to directly enter the amount for the receiving account (currently it is automatically calculated based on the exchange rate).A calendar view would be very useful.Each transaction can be refunded I hope you can consider these requests in future versions.Thank you!

Rika 24 days ago